Thursday, April 23, 2015

HBO airs satire with Bill Maher and John Oliver from UNC

On HBO Reality Time in a broadcast from UNC, Bill Maher interviews Clay Aiken, who says he likes the idea of becoming a congressman with whom he could agree about 80% of the time.

Maher lauded “Republicrat” Clinton’s administrations, with their budget surpluses and economic boom, when Bush gave us wars and deficits.

He also went back to a few studies in the 70s that claimed we faced global freezing.

Also on HBO, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver made fun of patent trolls  (explaining how the legal “extortion racket” really works) and the “end of the world” with Hanz Zimmer’s music from “Inception”. Oliver did give an example of an organization serving disabled people over a patent associated with a copier it was using, assuming it was a normal consumer product. 

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