Saturday, April 11, 2015

"Venice" tries to protect itself from sea level rises with MOSE on Bill Weir's "Wonder List"

Bill Weir’s “Wonder List” Episode 6 covered “Venice”, Italy, starting with the Grand Canal, with the main link here.
Most of the City can be approached only by water, but some communities have been segregated on separate islands.
The main focus of the hour was the gradual loss of the city to seal level rise.  Tidal flooding regularly inundates some plazas in the city. 
Much of the program discussed the MOSE Project, which would protect the city with a flexible sea wall, as described here. But there have been controversies, enough to get the mayor into legal trouble, and questions as to whether it can be adequate for the degree of seal level rise expected. 
Wikipedia attribution link for photo by Wolgang Moredor of Plaza San Marco when flooded 

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