Friday, May 01, 2015

ABC 20-20 "Taya Kyle Exclusive", Robin Roberts interviews wife of "American Sniper"

Tonight, ABC 20-20 presented an interview by Robin Roberts of Taya Kyle, wife of the late Chris Kyle, subject of the film “American Sniper”, and then murdered on a gun range by another veteran (Eddie Ray Routh) who claimed to be mentally ill.
In the early part, Taya described how they met, and how Chris felt called to duty, and had to leave immediately after marriage.  But at home, Chris was  committed to his family, and the broadcast shows home movies.  He was described as an “amazing father”. 
Much of the broadcast did cover the 2007 murder and the subsequent trial
Taya talks about his reenlistment, and the emotions surrounding conflict between family and serving his country.  She talks about the difficult times when Chris (who really did look the way Bradley Cooper was made up) tried to run a security business and faced bankruptcy.  She also talks to Robin on the “Red Carpet”.

Taya emphasized that Chris was shocked when he got to Iraq to find women and children being used as shields.  She says his training really didn't fully prepare him for this. 
The broadcast did offer spectacular shots of the north Texas fringe of the Hill Country.

Taya also appeared on ABC's "Good Morning America" and then on "The View" Monday May 4.
Picture, West Texas, around Odessa, my 2011 trip. 

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