Tuesday, May 05, 2015

AC360 hosts emergency town hall, "Police Under Fire"

Monday night, CNN extended Anderson Cooper’s AC360 program with an hour-long town hall “Police Under Fire”, link here. The planned film about ISIS, “Blindsided” was postponed for another week.
The emergency town hall may have been motivated in part by a near-miss incident in Baltimore Monday where a suspect's gun went off, but things remained calm. 
Much of the discussion focused on the enhanced challenges of the job of a police officer, since stepping over the line even once can end a career and ruin one’s own life (let alone a life that might be wrongfully taken).  That could make it more difficult to recruit people into this work in the future.
CNN excerpted some of the discussion, “Where does racial bias come from?”
Some police welcome body cameras, as it will vindicate them when they really have to act decisively.
Much of the rest of the discussion focused on the disconnect between much of the inner city black community and mainstream America, whether in Baltimore’s Sandtown or many other cities.  The economic recession, and especially the predatory lending and subprime loans made during the Bush years, made the problem worse.  Income inequality, along with the loss of manufacturing jobs has also contributed to the slide.  So has the disappearance of adult men from the black community to serve as role models.  All of this happens under the watch of a Harvard-educated black president.
Some commentators, including Don Lemon, have mentioned the idea of reparations. 

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