Monday, May 04, 2015

Anthony Bourdain visits Miami, and South Korea

Sunday night, Anthony Bourdain continued his “Parts Unknown” with a visit to Miami, and a side trip to Key West, following the path of Hemmingway, link here 
He noted that you can’t get a job in a convenience store or fast food business in the area unless you speak fluent idiomatic Spanish (not just the Spanish in the classroom or the movies).  He also talked to vagabond men who had settled there because they liked the freedom of seeing an endless horizon.  

The beach is best in the morning, when the Sun in the East glimmers.

He also dealt with the idea that Miami was built on illegal drugs and criminality (the “Scarface” problem), which can only happen because drugs are illegal – the libertarian argument against the war on drugs (covered in CNN’s two series’s on legal marijuana). 

Remember, the Marlins baseball team (the "free fish") are now called the Miami Marlines, not the Florida Marlins, since they got a new stadium (and there is Tampa Bay in the AL).  

People who own high rise condos there tell me that the properties are built to withstand Level 4 hurricanes.
Earlier Sunday, Bourdain replayed the episode on South Korea, where he gets a very thorough body rubdown at the start. 

Wikipedia attribution link for picture of Marlins Park by Roberto Coquis, under Creative Commons 2.0 license. Note the deep center field.  The opponent is the St. Louis Cardinals.  Does Anthony Bourdain like baseball?  Probably soccer more. 

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