Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Cable news is getting weaker in the ratings business

A we watch the non-stop coverage of the Philadelphia train wreck, ponder a story in Vox by Ezra Klein, that viewership of cable news is going down, and it’s because of the news, May 10, link here
Actually, I think that CNN and Fox, and even ABCNews, were rather bombastic in their reporting of recent speculative FBI, NSA and Homeland Security statements about ISIS recruiting in the US.  Other news outlets (including Vox) were more temperate.
Klein also notes that younger viewers don’t seem to be as interested in international or political news as older people (especially conservatives).  Young adults may not realize how these issues can affect and ambush them. But this all has an effect on Nielsen rating and revenues to cable networks.
Mother Jones has also published his post here and it seems to use findings from the Pew Research Center. I worked for NBC myself in the mid 1970s and became somewhat familiar with Nielsen then. 


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