Wednesday, May 20, 2015

CNN "honors" David Letterman as his late-night "career" ends on CBS

Tuesday night, CNN honored David Letterman, host of the “Late Show with David Letterman” on CBS, which has its final show tonight (Wednesday).  The CBS link is here .   CNN’s best link for its own biography is here. Letterman has his own production company with the unusual name “Worldwide Pants”.
Letterman started his career on campus, and was actually fired from one early job for trashing classical music.  His network career started on NBC and was good competition for Carson in the 70s.
The two most interesting episodes occurred more recently.  On a Friday morning in January 2000, Letterman (then 53) had a “routine” angiogram, because of family history.  He was rushed into emergency coronary bypass surgery that afternoon.  The New York Times has an account here.   Later, Esquire would publish a satirical article of Letterman’s joining the “zipper club”, with a cartoon picture of a hairless chess, disfigured by staples and a scar (Tampa newspaper story).   Regis Philbin used to say, “They crack you open like a lobster”.  In the office, I would say then, “Never go to the doctor:  You might not make it home.

In the CNN broadcast, Letterman was shown with a T-shirt depicting his chest after surgery in a similar drawing. 
The other controversy came with Letterman’s admitting to having sex with women involved with the show  (story)  But he’s remarried and became a dad after the surgery. So aesthetics didn’t bother him.

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