Friday, May 15, 2015

"Days of our Lives" now plays the gay marriage jealousy card in a silly fashion

“Days of our Lives” is getting pretty silly with the way it is playing the gay marriage card.  Will is determined that baseball player Paul must leave Salem, or Paul’s presence will be a threat to their marriage.  That’s pretty silly, to carry jealousy to such an extreme.  I’ve never experienced anything remotely like that.
Really, is jealousy a necessary part of marriage, including gay marriage now?  I do remember how in the “separate world” days of the 70s, there were various little intrigues between Manhattan and Fire Island in my own life. 
As for Will’s career, the show is going into some interesting ethical areas about the way journalists choose their subject matter.  Apparently, his writing a story about Clyde will be controversial.  There was a line “You shouldn’t write about local people.” Will  (Guy Wilson) is always saying that, unlike an really independent blogger like me, he gets paid for all his stories and still have to make a living from his writing.  That is, he is truly a “writer” (not just a “blogger”).
In fact, most local newspapers want their contributors to stay “local”.  And that gets to be a problem.  Local stories can sometimes have national or global impact.  The other day, I blogged about the coming closing of a major gay disco in Baltimore.  That sounds like local impact only.  But it has widespread implications, as the gay bar business gets more difficult everywhere for a variety of reasons (including security).  That’s especially true in Salem.  Oh, that’s right, Sonny’s in Days club is “mixed”. 
The contrast between Sonny, and both Will and Paul, gets played up in some episodes.  Sonny has been allowed to keep his chest hair.  So has JJ, who only recently grew it in the first place.  JJ is becoming the most interesting male character in the show.  I guess Chad is a "good person", too.  

Update: May 19

Today Paul wound up babysitting and then struck Will (knocking him out for a moment) after Will surprised him and "insulted" him.  This jealousy business in a gay love triangle is getting silly, and not typical. 

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