Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mike Rowe volunteers to help remove rocks from canyons before they fall onto cars -- climbing, rope knots

Mike Rowe, who now reassures his own parents that he has all the bases in his own life covered because “Somebody’s gotta do it”, went rock rappelling near Ojai, CA in a highway maintenance activity that removes rocks from canyons that are likely to fall onto highways and cars. The link is here.
He had to take extensive training not only in rappelling but in tying knots.  All volunteers take the training. It’s really hard to see why people to volunteer for this.  But then, how do you get people into volunteer fire departments?
Ojai was also the site of a major music festival last summer (drama blog, June 17, 2014).

He then went to Fort McHenry, in Baltimore, MD, to cover an American history lesson about the War of 1812, which had started with the impressment of civilian sailors into the British navy, a precursor to the draft.  He folded a copy of the original flag and noted that Francis Scott Key had opposed the war originally.  We almost lost the country to this war, and the White House was burned.  The country may have been saved by a freak tornado.  Rowe then took some diving lessons at the aquarium that does dolphin shows.  Rowe's broadcast, of course, was filmed well before the recent police controversy and riots.  

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