Thursday, May 07, 2015

PBS "Super Skyscrapers" shows construction of Leadenhall Tower in London

Last night, I discovered a rebroadcast of a PBS Super Skyscrapers documentary, this one about the construction of the 700+-food triangular Leadenhall Tower in the City of London, video link here.  with building site here
What is so remarkable is that all the components of the building had to be assembled off-site (in the north of England), based on modular steel pieces with a minimum of concrete, and brought to the site, and assembled almost like Lego blocks.  The documentary showed the detailed 3-D imaging of the building and computer simulation of the process, probably with software from Intergraph or a similar company. (That company was very visible in Dallas in the 1980s.)
The series episodes on the World Trade Center, and on China (like Vertical City in Shanghai) will surely be interesting (story in the Guardian). 
Wikipedia attribution link for picture by Colin of the Cheesegrater, under Creative Commons 4.0 Share Alike 

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