Friday, June 19, 2015

ABC Nightline (on too late on East Coast) reviews Charleston shootings and suspect Dylann Root

It’s rather inconvenient for me that ABC Nightline doesn’t come on until 12:30 (after Jimmy Kimmel).  When I lived in Dallas I was used to Ted Koppel (at 10:30), often talking about South Africa, and in Minneapolis, often covering 9/11.

Last night Nightline covered “Charleston Suspect: What We Know About Dylann Roof”, link here (may require paywall signon with Cable provider).  This refers to Charleston SC (not WV).
What has emerged as a kid that dropped out of school after 9th Grade, went aimless while apparently raised by an uncle, who appeared oblivious to the dangers of weapons in the hands of teens or young adults who are drifting.  The president has again mentioned the weapons debate in the aftermath of the incident.
Later reports indicated that Roof naively thought he could start a “race war”.  One female was told she was left alive to report what he did.  There is indeed a belief among some terrorists that people should “pay” for what other members of their “group” did. ‘
CNN has an op-ed by Peter Bergen calling this terrorism, concerning the line between domestic terrorism (especially from the extreme right) and hate crimes.
Wikipedia attribution link to photo by ProfReader of Spoleto Opening, under Creative Commons Share Alike License3.0.  My last visit was in 1993 (to go to Patriot’s Point).  

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