Saturday, June 20, 2015

ABC's "In an Instant": "Grizzly Bear Attack"

Tonight, I sampled ABC’s “In an Instant” series, a rerun from March, “Grizzly Bear Attack”, link here.

A middle aged man and his teen daughter are hiking in Glacier National Park, Montana, which is allegedly losing its glacier to climate change. I had tried to visit it in early May 1981 and found it not open yet.  I visited Yellowstone and Flathead Lake.
The daughter encounters a female grizzly bear around a corner in the trail.  There follows a desperate effort by the father to protect the daughter.  Both are severely injured. But the bear lets them go when she becomes convinced that they are no threat to her cub.  She probably doesn’t understand how much damage she has done.

Other hikers respond to their cries, and another woman runs four miles for help, as others give them blankets.  Despite the severe injuries, with eye and spine injures, the dad runs a marathon six months later.

John Walsh helps produce and notes the irony of the parent-child bond. 

I once encountered a female black bear in Shenandoah with a cub, but nothing happened.  I did not come between them, and she did not act threatened.  Maybe I had the right vibes.  Animals are better at reading people’s character than we realize. 
Wikipedia attribution link for picture of Chief Mountain, p.d. 

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