Sunday, June 21, 2015

CNN broadcasts live service from Emmanuel AME Church in Charleston, SC

Today, CNN covered live the Sunday morning services at the Emmanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, SC.
The cameras were located in the balcony, looking down on the congregation.  The church did not seem to have air conditioning, as the worshippers used hand fans.
The sanctuary is quite beautiful, with two huge windows up front.  The presentation did provide an unusual sense of reality, as if I had taken a morning flight to Charleston just to go to the service.  Of course, watching something alone in a living room isn’t quite the same thing. 
The style of preaching was Pentecostal and emotional, rather than analytic and intellectual, with which I am more familiar.  This was a “turn it over to the Lord” sermon. The music was also Pentecostal, rather than formal. 
CNN’s HD link for the service rebroadcast is here.  It is not embeddable.
Wikipedia attribution link for picture of church taken by AME church itself, under Creative Commons 2.0 License. 

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