Thursday, June 11, 2015

CNN leads off "The Seventies" by covering the transformation of TV, not really conveying the decade

CNN’s “The Seventies: One Nation Under Change”, with the same theme music as “The Sixties”, leads off with “A 70’s Television Revolution”, marked by court decisions in the middle of the decade that the Family Hour from 7 to 9 was unconstitutional.  It seemed like a less interesting way to introduce the series, given the news events of the decade.  The basic link is here

It saw the introduction of cable with HBO in 1972, when it was far from clear that people would pay for “air”.  I do recall that Manhattan Cable existed by the early 70s and actually filmed a Ninth Street Center talk group in New York.

 Reality sports events, with Monday Night Football, started in 1970.  Toward the end of the decade big series and novels for television like “Roots” became more common. 
I had only a black and white TV in my first apartment in New Jersey in 1970.  I would have color by 1972, after returning to New Jersey.   I would work for NBC as a computer programmer from 1974 to 1977, and I recall that it had “Showcost” and “Aries” systems.  

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