Tuesday, June 30, 2015

"Growing Up Trans" on PBS Frontline, first major film on transgender children seeking change

Tuesday, June 30, PBS aired a 83-minute Frontline documentary “Growing Up Trans”, link here. 

I think this is the first film that I can recall about transgendered children, actually starting transitions.

The film paid as much heed to female-to-male transitions as the supposedly more common male-to-female.

Boys were told to expect hair to recede slightly at the temples and crown as well as appear on the beard and later body, often first the legs.  Once a voice changes, it cannot be undone.  Taking testosterone could bring future increased risks in the cancer and heart disease area. 
There were surely eventually be female-to-male professional sports players (for example, probably most likely with pitchers in baseball). However sports will have to look carefully on what medications are acceptable (that is, not performance-enhancing). 
I was quite struck be the change in social view since the time I was growing up.  There was more emphasis on the idea that gender conformity was a moral requirement (even if demanding personal sacrifice) for the good of family and community, which might have to defend itself and prosper in a potentially hostile external environment.


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