Saturday, June 13, 2015

"What Would You Do?" on ABC acts out socially provocative situations in public

ABC aired an interesting “What Would You Do?” Friday night, with John Quinones.  The direct link is here but it requires sign-in with a Cable provider. In this series, actors set up disturbing situations to see if bystanders will intervene. Or they may test businesses with unusual challenges. 
In one segment, an African-American customer, female, with vitiligo (depigmentation) faced resistance in a beauty salon, as a worker was afraid to touch her, especially the colorless area of her arm.  This was certainly an interesting lesson in how we feel about certain aspects of body image.  The opposite would be an aversion to tattoos.
Then in another scene, in a restaurant, some older teens try to get a younger teen (an actor) to do drugs (Tylenol) to “fit in”. An bystander does note that the substance could do permanent liver and kidney damage if consumed in bulk as a stunt.
And in still another skit, two parents tell their son they are getting divorced, rather loudly, in front of others, in a New Jersey restaurant. 
The embedded video shows a foster care abuse situation from last week. 


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