Saturday, July 18, 2015

"Stranger than Fiction" on ABC 20-20: "Gone Girl" kidnapping cases in California, "spoiled male" suspect arrested, defusing idea of hoax

The ABC 20-20 episode on Friday July 18, 2015, “Stranger than Fiction”, video link here (requires "paywall" cable sign-on to see entire episode), documents at least two kidnapping cases in California which seemed to be bizarre perpetrations of an “Oceans 11” nature.  A former Marine, professor and attorney, Matthew Muller, has been arrested for both crimes (People account here ).  The psychology of Muller is disturbing, and is a case of a well-educated, perhaps pampered young adult male running into what appears to be mental illness and descending into crime, a troubling pattern behind some notorious recent crimes.

 Actually, the first kidnapping, of Denise Huskins, in the early AM of March 23, from a home in Vallejo CA where she was with her boyfriend Aaron Quinn, was at first thought (by local police) to be a “movie script” staging hoax and was compared to the movie “Gone Girl” (movies blog, Oct. 4, 2014).  The case broke with a similar case June 5 in nearby Dublin CA.

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