Sunday, August 02, 2015

Another dolphin "Sea Rescue", when one swims into fresh water

An episode of “Sea Rescue” on “Litton’s Weekend Adventure” (repeated Aug 1 on some syndicated stations) showed the rescue of a dolphin trapped in fresh water, after swimming too far inland into a bayou in East Texas, link here. I wasn't aware that the salt water would not penetrate into the low bayous. 
Most dolphins cannot live indefinitely in fresh water and will get deadly infections.  But despite their intelligence and unusual physiology (sonar), they don’t always detect inadequate salinity.  This young dolphin was also somehow separate from its pod or family.  This time, Sea World can say it was needed to rescue the animal.
Still, dolphins may be the most intelligent non primates on Earth, and their rise predates humans by millions of years. 


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