Tuesday, September 15, 2015

"A Path Appears": Episode 1 is "Sex Trafficking in the USA", seems off track for the whole series

Episode 1 of “A Path Appears” (as originally aired on PBS Independent Lens in February 2015) is “Sex Trafficking in the USA”, and it seems more distant from the Kristof-WuDunn notion of providing charity directly to children at the earliest stages of life.

The 75 minute episode covers prostitution in Nashville, TN, Chicago IL, and finally Washington, DC.

Early in the episode, before Kristof appears, even actor George Clooney makes a comment blaming “john’s” as the cause of the problem.

The documentary claims that most women who work in the sex industry were actually brought into the business against their will, often when they were underage.'  

The film mentioned Washington DC as particularly determined to arrest johns. Ashton Kutcher ("A+K") has often run the campaign "Real men don't buy girls". 

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