Monday, September 28, 2015

Fox adapts "Minority Report" to TV series; "Dash" has to detect pre-crime in a straight bar in DC's gay neighborhood

Fox (“conservative”) has now aired two episodes of its “Minority Report”, with a concept adapted from Steven Spielberg’s 2002 film. 
The series is set in Washington DC in 2065, and apparently Washington has ended its building height limit, as there are many skyscrapers, making the city look more like Charlotte or Atlanta.
The police have this holographic device, rather complicated to operate, that allows trained officers to encapsulate digital avatars of potential suspects and play out the crimes they intend to commit.
Episode 2 is called “Mr. Nice Guy”,   The sentient police officers include Dash (Texas-raised Stark Sands, trained as a classical musician) and Lara (Meagan Good).  As with all such shows these days, the producers are committed to a certain diversity.  It appears that Dash is in a male relationship (which by 2065 really would be everyday stuff).  He’s rather proud of his skills as a cop despite his nice-guy and “smooth” image.
He goes into a straight bar near Dupont Circle (the script doesn’t talk about 17th Street or U Street for that matter) and encounters a potential suspect.  A bit awkwardly, he makes a pass at a young woman with nice shoes to get her away from a potential suspect.  When the boyfriend realizes there is a problem (I’m reminded of a woman named Laura in a Minneapolis bar back in 2001) the boyfriend resists, of course. Dash tases him, and the guy vomits all over the girl’s shoes.  And he gets the wrong guy.
The show may have something in common with “Flash Forward” and even “Quantico” (Sunday) in that the future is in some sense already determined, something that physics might disagree with.
The official site from Fox is here

Do we need to retread old ideas?  I still hope “Imajica” shows up soon. 

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