Wednesday, October 21, 2015

CNN airs detailed update report on "DC Mansion Murders"

CNN aired a special report Tuesday night on the “DC Mansion Murders” of the family (including one housekeeper) of Savvas Savopoulos, with the most up-to-date account of the May 2015 incident link here. It was hosted by Pamela Brown.

There have been many detailed accounts (an ABC account was reported here June 16) which are quite graphic and need not be recounted here.  CNN had a shorter report in June but this new one is much more detailed and longer (one hour). But one mystery is why still, five months later, only one suspect, Darron Wint, has been arrested, identified from DNA on a pizza slice.  The circumstances do suggest an extreme personal vendetta.  One criminal forensics expert said she could not explain why DC Police have not arrested more suspects.  It would seem unbelievable that any accomplice would have gone along with all the horror.  DC does not have the death penalty, so the maximum would be life in prison without parole for each count.

There is a bizarre story in the Observer about other immigrants from Guyana and a company in Queens NYC that appears to be the same company.  It has not been connected to the case by major media yet but might somehow have a connection, link here. It is possible for politically motivated acts to become “personal” (look at the Middle East), and in the past extreme Left-wing rhetoric (like back in the early 70s passing my ears at meetings) has sounded “personal”.  But Wint (born in Guyana), according to credible mainstream media reports, has a history of disturbing behavior and temper in the workplace and in personal life, unrelated to political or religious beliefs.  CNN did allow Wint’s former attorney to speak in his defense.

The area remains calm and the house is boarded up.  People will walk their dogs by it. It is curious that the Embassy of Finland consulate residence on Woodland Drive (about 1500 feet away) has a similar architecture and an address a few blocks down that is a permutation of digits (3021 vs 3201).

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