Friday, October 30, 2015

RNC (not the same as the GOP) throws a tantrum at CNBC over debate moderation

So the crybaby RNC (in a letter  from Reince Priebus) to NBC News, suspends its agreement with NBC to host a candidate debate in February 2016.  The RNC “whines” that the CNBC moderatora asked offensive questions, like essentially whether Trump was becoming a comic book character.   (That’s all right, even college student and inventor Jack Andraka has made the comics, so Trump has good company.)  Let’s put Trump in a space suit and see how well he survives on Mars.  Another topic was Ashton Kutcher's favorite:  fantasy football.  Well, we used to play fantasy baseball with cardboard stadiums as kids.

The letter conceded that the NBC news division doesn’t exercise direct control over CNBC content. (I worked for NBC in information technology 1974-1977, and would work there again.)

Fox compared the debates to the New York Mets and pitcher Jacob De Grom’s loss in the second game in the World Series to pesky Kansas City hitters, link here  and said the CNBC moderators got a “bipartisan drubbing”.  Fortune’s account of the not-so-good-news is here.

But GOP campaigns may well revolt against the RNC, just as they fight each other, with a meeting in Washington on All Saints Day, here.

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