Monday, October 12, 2015

Will Horton, leading gay character on "Days of our Lives", is murdered out of the script

NBC’s soap “Days of our Lives” has eliminated gay character Will Horton (now Guy Wilson), whose marital partner Sonny Kiriakas (Freddie Smith) had “left” him for Europe over Will’s childishly (and out of character) jealous behavior over baseball player Paul.
I actually missed the episode Friday, when I went to see the Malala movie in the middle of the day, and I had no idea this was coming.
NBC’s video link is here and the strangulation happens about 16 minutes before the end.  The commercial breaks are long and annoying (especially the Botox).

Will confronts Ben (Robert Scott Wilson) in the latter’s apartment.  Fearing Will has discovered that Ben is really the necktie killer, Ben doesn’t let him leave.

In recent episodes, J.J. Deveraux (Casey Moss) has turned around his life, gone undercover for the police, and become one of the show’s most likeable young adult characters.  And, about six months ago, suddenly he discovered chest hair. Now he’s old enough.

The Will and Sonny marriage had, in the effort to become politically correct for viewers, gotten a bit silly.

There is a video where actor Blake Berris (who played Nick, who also came to a horrible end) discusses Guy Wilson’s taking over the role of Will from Chandler Massey
Picture: Lemonade and food stands at Charlottesville VA gay pride, 2015.  Donald Trump would approve.

Update: Oct. 23

Ben told his dad Clyde Weston, in jail, "Killed them all, of course" -- words to that effect, just like Robert Durst on "The Jinx" (March 18, 2015). Yet Ben still carries on his act and gets $100000 private reward money for sacking Chad.

Now, JJ, who helped bust Clyde, wants to become a Salem police officer. 

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