Saturday, November 14, 2015

NBC Dateline unscrambles bizarre domestic murder case in the Arizona highlands

NBC Dateline on Saturday aired “The Mystery on Bridle Path”, about the murder of Carol Kennedy, in her ranch home near Prescott Arizona on a Saturday night in July 2008.  Eventually her ex-husband, Steven DeMocker, 53 at the time, would be convicted on largely circumstantial evidence. The motive simply seemed to be money.  Even his own daughters helped pay for his defense. Keith Morrison hosted the documentary which, as presented, is as intriguing as a typical Hollywood murder mystery film. This one has some shades of Perry Mason.

Kennedy was on the phone with her mother in Nashville when an intruder bludgeoned her suddenly, in what looked like a home invasion. The defense tried to half-implicate another man who apparently had lived on the property.

DeMocker would be sentenced to life without parole, but the jury took three days to convict, in a retrial (after the first judge had a brain tumor).  One piece of contradictory evidence (DNA under fingernails) turned out to be forensic contamination. The AP story on the case is here.

The use of only circumstantial evidence is still permissible. That was the case in the recent conviction of Charles Severance for three murders (in 2003, 2013, 2014) of high-profile citizens in Alexandria Virginia recently.   Dateline will probably eventually do an episode on this case.  No one has yet done a show of on two unsolved separate murders of workers with high security clearances in Prince Georges County in late 2008 (discussed on this blog before), where there are some obscure social media clues.

NBC's embed link for this show went with the wrong link, the Democratic Party debate tonight, from CBS,

But CBS 48 Hours has a video of Carol Kennedy's work as an artist, her "sanctuary" and print studio.
Picture is actually Nevada (my visit, 2012).

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