Thursday, December 31, 2015

Couple's Victorian lifestyle shown on ABC Nightline

A couple near Seattle, Gabriel and Sarah Chrisman, follow the late Victorian lifestyle, as shown on an ABC Nightline broadcast late Thursday night.

The couple has a website, “This Victorian Life”, that fully explains its curatorial experience.  There is also a book published by Skyhorse (Amazon).  Sarah says she wrote the book out by cursive handwriting and then had to type it.

The Victorian era ran from 1837-1901, and the couple relates to the last decade, when a few automobiles and sporadic use of electricity were coming into use in cities.

Sarah wears corsets and makes her own clothes. Both are handy with large Victorian stoves and ovens, and lamps.  They ride oversized Victorian bicycles and unicycles.

The presentation reminded me of the PBS series “The 1900 House” (May 14, 2009).

The couple was quizzed about the political implication of the lifestyle.  In Victorian times, women couldn’t vote or weren’t “equal”.  Sarah says, incredibly, that the right to vote is overrated.

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The presentation is of particular interest to me because the space-ship “ashram” in my recent screenplay (see main blog, Dec. 30) is divided into 5 sections by historical time period, one of them being the Year 1900, where the protagonist (“Me”) is assigned to “learn to live”. The look of things in the couple’s  website may help with the details in the screenplay.
Wikipedia attribution link for Victorian kitchen at Dalgarven Mill in Ayrshire, Scotland, public domain picture by Roger Griffith.

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