Monday, January 25, 2016

CNN hosts pre-caucus Democratic Presidential Town Hall, and Sanders gets the lead-off attention

CNN’s Democratic Presidential Town Hall tonight, pre-Iowa caucus, in Des Moines, was hosted by attorney Chris Cuomo, and let the three candidates have the stage “hands separately” to field questions from the audience.  So the Town Hall varied from the more common debate formats. CNN’s main link is here.

Bernie Sanders batted first, and had to explain what he means by “democratic socialism”.  He said that people have fundamental economic rights as well as fundamental personal or behavioral rights. He did defend “Medicare for all” and wants to pay for it with taxes on Wall Street speculation. He sees free public college education today as fundamental as free public high school education in the past.

Martin O’Malley went second, and fielded a question about marriage equality. Cuomo asked him whom he would support if he didn’t get enough percentage points to stay in.

Hillary Clinton was dressed like Miss Scarlet in Cluedo.  One audience member while she didn't seem to have the following of young adults that Sanders does.

Sanders supporters claim that CNN has been deleting pro-Sanders comments from its news stories.
Earlier today, a commentator on AC360 referred to” Barack Obama’s Second Coming”.  Chapter 3 of my first DADT book is titled “My Second Coming”.  Maybe the phrase stuck in someone’s mind.

Wikipedia attribution link for aerial photo of Des Moines, by Joe Mabel, under CC-SA 3.0 license. 

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