Thursday, January 14, 2016

GOP debate from N. Charleston: the streaming was a bit of a fiasco

To all appearances, the GOP presidential debate in N. Charleston SC tonight was not covered on any regular channels, but was streamed live on “”.  There were many commercial breaks where the channel went silent.

I watched a portion of it, and seemed to lose sound.  Maybe I messed up with the controls.  But I found it being streamed on YouTube, until Fox suddenly had YouTube (under the DMCA Safe Harbor) stop the streaming with a copyright claim.  This seems silly.

Here is a typical Fox account.

Trump actually sounded a little less abrasive than in the past, and rose to praise New York for the way it recovered from 9/11.  That was in response to a particularly offensive remark by Ted Cruz about "New York Values", which Cruz equated to gay marriage, abortion, liberal media, and money culture.  Cruz, when an apology was demanded by Di Basio, would "apologize" only for New York's liberal government.

There was a lot of discussion of a liberal “threat” of a European-style VAT.

The candidates, esp. Gov, Christie, indicated that they thought Obama doesn’t respect law enforcement.  Christie criticize Obama for not always enforcing laws against marijuana.  Cruz mentioned same-sex marriage once derisively.

On the Second Amendment, it sounds as if most of the candidates believe that personal and familial self-defense is not only a right, it is a duty

Check out Dan Batz in the Washington Post "The Take: Can Donald Trump really be the Republican Nominee?"  Donald hasn't forgotten his favorite people:  Troy McClain, Omarosa, and Rosie O'Donnell.  And he hasn't forgotten "how to get rich."

Dara Lind of Vox explains why Cruz's "natural born citizen" debate is a non-issue.

Jimmy Fallon had Hillary Clinton on his show the same night (Nov. 15) on NBC in New York.  Fallon also had fun with the Academy Award nominations ("not one black actor").

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