Sunday, March 27, 2016

Bill Weir visits Iceland on his Wonder List; controversies about lack of marriages, and about whaling industry

Bill Weir visited “Iceland” for his episode of “The Wonder List” on CNN, with link here. The country has a homogeneous population of only 300,000 and is often a convenient stop-over on low cost flights to Europe from the U.S.

Several aspects of the report are controversial. One is that Iceland, while prosperous has one of the highest rates of unwed mothers in the world. Many couples raise children without marriage, and some form communal households with more than one mommy or daddy, even within a heterosexual setting.  When people do marry, they often invite ex romantic partners. There is no jealousy.
The country has the highest rate of females in government also.

Another controversial part of the report was the whaling business, with a character like a modern day Ahab running a family business.  Iceland does have quotas for whales, but sells whale meat to Japan for dog food, and serves whale products in some restaurants.

The film did show the stunning scenery, including a pristine volcanic late that straddles both North American and European plates.

Iceland was hit by the financial crisis in 2008 when some major banks failed.

Wikipedia attribution link for public domain picture of geothermal power plant by Gretar Ivarsson

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