Wednesday, May 11, 2016

"A Father's Story" on ABC 20-20 documents Ron's account of his son's control of Scientology, and of Ron's own "escape"

On April 29, ABC 20/20 aired “A Father’s Story”, an account by Ron Miscavige about his own exit from Scientology after his son Dave rose to be the head of it, link here.

The episode starts with an account of 80-year-old Ron’s being trailed by aggressive private investigators back at his own home in Wisconsin, after Ron had “escaped” from a Scientology compound in California.

The details are covered in a controversial book “Ruthless: Mt Son David Miscavige and Me”, pubbed by St. Martin’s Press.

Ron describes how his son seemed to be cured of asthma by Scientology, and then quickly rose to “power”, through Sea Org and then becoming a “commodore”.

He also describes the alleged difficulty of leaving Scientology, and the practice of the church of socially “disconnecting” people who leave, even from their own families and children.
Interesting is the “billion year contracts” predicated on the idea of repeated reincarnations (maybe on other worlds?) part of science fiction war.  

The Lip TV also covered Ron’s book in the video above.

Curiously, there is a website named "Ron Miscavige Book" that appears to be put up by supporters of Scientology and calls the book "literary forgery",  a term we know from the novels and movies of Dan Brown.

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