Sunday, June 19, 2016

ABC 20-20 "In an Instant" starts series with film about Moore OK tornado in 2013

Saturday, June 18, ABC 20-20 looked at the Moore OK 2013 tornado, in a 2-hour film which is the first episode of a new sub-series called “In an Instant”.

The film focused particularly on rescuing kids and teachers from the Plaza Towers Elementary School that was obliterated and is now rebuilt. The amount of personal emotion in the episode is quite startling.

Moore had experienced a major tornado with a similar path in 1999.
I drove through the area on I-35 many times while living in Dallas in the 1980s.  OKC is the most tornado-prone major city in the world.  A lot of people live with a lot more risk than I do now.

Wikipedia attribution link for photo by National Gaurdsman Kendall James under CCSA 2.0.

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