Tuesday, July 05, 2016

"Mistresses" episode "Lean In" covers issues ranging from transgender relationships to book contracts

The ABC series “Mistresses”, set in modern day LA,  may have been inspired by “Four Friends” in the 80s. I picked up the Season 5, Episode 5 episode “Lean In” on July 4. The episode
  (directed by Constantin Markris) covered some interesting issues.

Sex therapist Karen Kim (Yunjim Kim) pitches ideas for her newest book to an agent (who pressures her) over lunch, and later says authors can’t get anywhere without literary agents accepting them.  That ignores the whole self-publishing world, which must not count.

In the mean time, April (Rochelle Aytes) has met Michael, without knowing he is a female-to-male transgender (played vy real TS Ian Harvie), complete with beard, at work.  Michael thinks he has a “connection” with her. But her boyfriend gets jealous, enough to knock out Michael, before either of them “know”.  At the end, there is a confrontation where  April says she was never interested in Michael and “I would never date a trans person.” Michael says, get out of my house.

Was it wrong for April to say this?  To even feel this way?  What are the  "political" implications?

There are some great lines.  “In order to have your soul compromised, you have to have one.” Also, “you have your books to write but I have my songs.”

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