Friday, July 01, 2016

"The Tech Boom" on "CNN: The Eighties" (good, no pre-emption this time)

CNN finally learned its lesson and did not pre-empt “TheEighties” last night, as it aired “The Tech Boom”. 

I bought my first TRS-80 in December 1981 and Okidata dot-matrix printer.  I had an ATT 6300 in 1985 (and even a laser printer), and an AST Research at the start of 1989.   But I didn’t have email and Internet until mid 1994.   I started “publishing” in 1996.  I guess CNN will do a series “The 90s”, which would cover “don’t ask don’t tell”.

A smaller version of what would become the Internet in 1992 did exist then, and tech shows made a lot about interactivity in closed environments. 

Executives had a hard time digesting the idea that people would want personal computers, until the early 80s.  I wanted to use them for writing.  The episode showed the young Bill Gates selling the idea to IBM.  Gates almost did drop out of college in time to do this.  The episode also covered the growth of Apple, however briefly compare to recent films on Steve Jobs.

The episode also present the earliest cell phones, which were big and clunky. I didn’t have one until 1998 and didn’t use them much until 2002.

The episode also documented the Challenger explosion in January 1986, which I remember hearing about at work well.

Youtube channel is here

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