Thursday, August 04, 2016

2nd LP town hall hosted by AC360 on CNN

Anderson Cooper hosted the Libertarian Party candidates Town Hall last night, the second such event, on CNN (the first was on June 22). Gary Johnson and William Weld were questioned as to whether their positions represented pure libertarianism.  Weld disagrees with “religious liberty bills” actually intended to approve of deliberate discrimination.

One particularly handsome young man said he had been fired from a job and expelled as a student from a “Christian” school.  One wonders why he even had attended.

Johnson said that a bakery should be required by law to sell a cake to any customer, under public accommodations. But it was legitimate to refuse to do the labor to decorate the cake if the owner of the shop had a religious objection to same-sex marriage.

On weapons, Johnson pointed out that full assault weapons cannot be sold legally in the US.  He felt that an old-style Clinton era assault weapons ban would simply make a lot of today’s gun owners “criminals”.

Johnson did talk about different kinds of marijuana, and accepted the idea that some forms need to be more regulated and kept away from minors.

Weld reiterated the idea that libertarianism stresses government get out of people’s wallets and out of people’s bedrooms.

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