Monday, August 15, 2016

NBC's coverage of the Olympics doesn't provide the spectacle of China in 2008

NBC’s Olympics may be going better than it might have, with all the fears about security and about Zika.

We hear Michael Phelps, 31, crowned “the greatest swimmer of all time”.  We see pictures that would please National Review’s David Skinner (“Notes on the Hairless Man” from June 1999), with even underarms shaved.  We see lots of wisecracks about pretty "thmooth" bodies on Twitter, even from established “straight” male stars.

That makes the story about a robbery of four swimmers, including Ryan Lochte, when in a taxi stopped by gunmen posed as police, extra disturbing.  Lochte felt a line had been crossed (as I would ) and at first refused to comply.  Like, it’s more honorable to die than to negotiate with terrorists, or criminals.

NBC News has the story here.

More recently, several sources have reported that Brazilian police question Lochte's claims and tried to detain him.  The details are bizarre and reported most completely in UK's Daily Mail.  It's getting more bizarre with stories about swimmers vandalizing a gas station.  Again, David Skinner will laugh at all those smooth bodies.

Lochte's "apology" seems unconvincing to me, at least;  were the "robbers" really security guards from the gas station?  Is that how things work in Brazil.  "Requiem for the Hairless Man" sounds like a title for a movie spoof about this incident, maybe.  Or maybe. "Fabulist II" (or "Shattered Glass II", if Lionsgate wants to do it).  AOL has a detailed later account from one of the teammates with more detail, and it says Lochte was "thrown under the bus". This latest account may give the right perspective.

But Sally Jenkins writes on p. D12 of the Washington Post Monday, "It's a sorry excuse for an apology from a guy who still doesn't get it", with LTE's.  Lochte and others may not have understood that in poorer countries like Brazil, "negotiations" with security at gunpoint are a way things are settled.  But he's losing endorsements and sponsors quickly.  "He'thmooth".

The best chance for geographical scenery is in the cycling.  (routes )  The longest vertical rise is about 2500 feet, but the Brazilian “Appalachians” go to about 9000 feet – Neblina Peak on the Venezuelan border reached 9827,

Wikipedia picture link under CCSA 3,0 (Robson Esteves Czaban)

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