Sunday, August 28, 2016

Zakaria GPS: "Global Lessons on Guns"

Sunday, August 28, 2016. On Global Public Square, Fareed Zakaria presented a special report “Global Lessons on Guns”.

Zakaria looked at three other countries.  The first was Japan, and it is the strictest.  It is normally nearly impossible for most civilians to get firearms, except for licensed and credentialed hunters.  Even the macho Yaku cult with full body tattoos does not use guns.  There are very few gun deaths in Japan.

Next he looked at Switzerland.  With its mandatory military service for men, is it a gun owner’s paradise?  Not exactly.  Upon finishing military service, men (who keep guns but not ammo at home) turn in weapons and need licenses to continue keeping them.

Next Zakaria looked at Australia, which passed a draconian gun control law in 1996 after a particularly horrible mass shooting. It also instituted a mandatory gun buyback of assault weapons
Finally Zakaria interviewed a retired Army general, who talked about the strain of 13 years of war, with Stop-Loss repeat deployments, on an all volunteer force, as contributing to gun suicide of veterans.

Zakaria took the position that America’s problem of gun violence is systemic, and can’t be solved just by looking at the psycho-pathology of mass shooters (as with Gus Van Sant’s 2003 film “Elephant”).
But others (like Ben Swann above) present data questioning whether these measures in Australia and the UK were effective (the UK had an incident in 1997 and quickly clamped down, Australian style).

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