Wednesday, September 14, 2016

CNN's "Almost President: The Agony of Defeat"

Tonight, CNN presented the one hour documentary “Almost President: The Agony of Defeat”, link  Is it really that agonizing if you even won the nomination?

The film covered Mitt Romney’s loss in 2012 (after he derided the “47%” as welfare moochers in a private but recorded conversation), as well as John McCain’s 2008 loss (with Sarah Palin).  But the most remarkable loss may have been Michael DuKakas in 1988, in an election that was supposed to be about competence. Dukakis was seen as not human enough when he reacted to a hypothetical question about his wife, after he let out a former murdered.

The documentary briefly covered Gore’s loss to Bush n 2000, but Gore went on to make “An Inconvenient Truth” and win a Pulitzer Prize.
Bill Clinton would , however, not taste defeat, as he would defeat George H W. Bush just two years after the Persian Gulf War, when a recession ensued.  Bush’s problems started in January 1992 when he vomited into the lap of the president of Japan at a state dinner, before the meat course.  I remember hearing about that right as I got up and got ready for work.  It was so embarrassing.

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