Thursday, September 29, 2016

"Days of our Lives" seems to near an end as crime group mounts an ISIS-like terror attack on Salem

Days of our Lives” has indeed taken to killing off characters.

True, Hope killed Stefano (after he called her a “coward” – he resigns his life by falling on a chessboard and knocking over a king), but good guys (like Will Horton) went, too.  And now a criminal syndicate have surrounded Salem as if it were a terror group.  It attacks the power plant, shutting down the grid (like an attack in California in 2013), kidnaps young adults, hacks the police station’s public broadcast and plants a hit man to take out the police chief.  In the mean time, looting ravages Salem.

Maybe this is nearing the end.  There is nothing honorable about having your life bargained for, or playing victim.  I have to say, whatever the silliness of his antics, Donald Trump understands this.

  The new domestic terror attack seems to say that people who “don’t play ball” but just watch will just disappear and be forgotten.  It’s a disturbing, offensive message.

Sonny has come back, and again he can’t keep his chest hair on.  The interesting thing is that the show has become quite p.c. on LGBT issues, as if now they are on the background, while eliminating so many of its characters.  The saga seems near an end.

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