Monday, September 26, 2016

Hosts on "The View" get blunt about race

The women on ABC’s View today was rather blunt on race.

I think it was Sunny Hostin who said, “Listen to my experience as a black woman in America, and don’t just say, stop talking about It:”.

But Whoopi Goldberg said, that isn’t enough. “Admit that there is a problem.”

Clay Aiken (white and gay) tried to mediate.  But Joy Behar said, “If you’re white, you have an advantage.”  It’s like home-field advantage in baseball.  Or is it like making the first move in a chess game.

They skirted across the surface then.  Some realtors just don’t show some houses or apartments to black applicants.  Job applicants with “black names” don’t get as many callbacks.  Blacks are hired for less money (and sometimes so are single or childless people).

And yet Obama is president.

I do remember a black coworker in the 1990s saying he was training his son how to deal with discrimination and with the police.

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