Thursday, October 27, 2016

ABC 20-20 covers a murder confession in Colorado prompted by a Tarot card

ABC 20-20’s “I’d Like to Confess to a Murder” (best summary link) last Friday reported the bizarre case of Christopher Waide, who finally called 911 and confessed when Tarot cards told him to do so.  (A trick once pulled "The Prophet" as my card back in the 1970s.)

Lee Porter had disappeared and missing for two years.  Her killer then claimed self-defense in a home tussle with a 98-pound woman.  After the confession, prosecutors took a plea deal for 2nd Degree murder to help find her.

The other bizarre element of the story was that Christopher Waide had been majoring in criminal justice in a Denver college and may have learned how to get away with murder from his professors.

Wikipedia attribution link for museum in Sterling CO, CCSA 3.0, by Jeffrey Beall.   I stopped for lunch at a family diner in Sterling on a Saturday in August 1994, read a local story on DADT, had my epiphany and decided to write my first book.  I then drove on to Scottsbluff.      Sterling is also a center of “cattle mutilation” lore in the 1970s (the 1982 film “Endangered Species”).

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