Sunday, October 02, 2016

"In-Laws and Outlaws" on ABC 20-20 leads to arrest of accomplice in economic professor hit case (Markel) in Florida

A recent ABC 20-20 broadcast “In-Laws and Outlaws”, concerning the murder in broad daylight of Florida State professor Dan Markel, has apparently led to the arrest of a female accomplice for the “hit men” already facing the death penalty.  The latest link, story by James Hill, is here and links back to the original show which can be watched online through cable subscription.

The murder seems to have been born from a complicated domestic situation, even though it terrified neighbors.  The hit men drove a rented vehicle to Tallahassee all the way from Miami (470 miles) and back immediately for the front driveway hit.

The case shows that broadcast journalism can help solve bizarre assassination-like cases that seem to defy explanation.

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