Monday, October 10, 2016

Trump shows he's running for dictator in Debate #2

Last night’s Debate #2, moderated by Anderson Cooper, from Washington University in St. Louis MO, became sickening, almost nauseating, very quickly.  Trump took the bait. Anderson didn’t have to tear him to pieces, which is what I had expected.

Trump answered questions about his “Days of our Lives” hit on “Nicole” by saying he’s not as bad as Bill Clinton (the impeachment over Monica Lewinsky) or even Hillary, and then by comparing himself to ISIS, saying what he fantasized wasn’t as bad as what ISIS does.  (I think it's rather funny that Trump likes Nicole as a character.)

Then he threatened to appoint a special prosecutor to put Hillary Clinton behind bars.  That’s what dictators do to political rivals.

Here’s CNN’s report.

I’ll take a pass on Syria, as to whether Assad and Putin combined are worse than ISIS (Trump could actually be right about this).

At the end, each candidate was asked to say something good about the opponent. Hillary praised Trump’s kids, and Trump, well…
Ezra Klein of Vox says that Trump is running for dictator, not president.

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