Thursday, November 03, 2016

Cubs do it on Fox, helped by a rain delay

So the Cubbies finally do it after 108 years. And on Fox.  Does this presage Trump's coming from behind to win the general election?

Here's the rally in the top of the 10th after 17-,minute rain delay.

Here's another good MLB link on the game. (To get the embed to resolve, you need to view as http. not https).

How often it is, that the visiting team wins a 7th game.  Six times have come back from a 3-1 series deficit with the last two games on the road.  But this year the Cubs could put the injured Schwarber in the lineup on the road in the AL Park, where the DH rule applied.  That made the visiting team have more advantage this year. Here's a link on how many more runs the DH rule adds to AL games.

The Cubs totally dominated the National League in 2016.  The Nationals went into Chicago in early May when the Cubs were 20-6 and became 24-6 with a four game sweep.

The Cubs played .640 ball with 103 wins.  The 1954 Cleveland Indians played .714 ball, with 111 wins, only to be swept in four games by the Giants.

As a boy, I had attended some games in Cleveland's old "Mistake by the Lake", with that wire fence in the outfield.  The Indians beat the Senators 11-0 one year, behind Herb Score, and then the Senators won another time, 4-0, behind Camilo Pascual.

In the new Progressive Field, you could see a blue and red Terminal Tower in the background.

Picture: Progressive Field, Cleveland, 2012, my visit.

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