Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Lance Bass produces "Finding Prince Charming" as is he were a gentler version of Trump with an "Apprentice" for gay marriage

I tried the Pilot episode of “Finding Prince Charming” tonight, on LoGo, link here. It’s a 62-minute episode that expands to 90 minutes with ads.
It’s produced by Lance Bass (‘Nsync and later the brainy commentator on Meredith Vieira).  It’s surely inspired by the heterosexual “Bachelor” and “Bachelorette”, but there’s a touch of “The Apprentice” in the climax where the “prince charming” calls the men up one by one and give a black tie to each one who made the first cut.  But when is becoming a fashion designer’s lover the equivalent of getting a top job?  Yet, there is something Trump-like in the show.  Lance Bass (sort of a gaycon in his views, enough for the  GOP moderates), now 37, seems quite fit to be president.  And some in the GOP – Lindsey Graham – would have been glad to have him there instead of Trump.

Is “Prince Charming” the same as “Mr. Right”?  Robert, 33, is not perfect for me – graying beard and an unsightly permanent left side tattoo.  He has a nice home that seems to be in the Hollywood Hills, I guess, with big pool.   Of all the contestants, Chad, from Atlanta (not the “Chad” of DOOL) was my favorite.  He makes the cut.   There are a few contestants from Texas, and Dallas is presented as a swinging place now.

There were two or three African-American contestants, and you can’t discriminate even in picking a marriage partner.

One of the contestants "offended" the host by saying he wasn't attracted to men taller than him (I heard someone say that in NYC once).  I feel the opposite.  But that contestant stayed.  Another contestant who was dismissed got criticism for not allowing himself to be "vulnerable". 


Earlier this evening. Anderson Cooper interviewed Glenn Beck about Bannon, Breitbart and the “alt-right”.  Beck said that no American should worry that his or her personal life or love life depends on a presidential election, particularly if the president hosts reality TV.  That won’t be true for some people. Including children brought here by undocumented workers. 

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