Monday, November 14, 2016

"Mars" series starts on NatGeo tonight

Mars” premiered tonight on the National Geographic Channel with a pilot called “Grounded” (link ) .

The episode intermixes narrative of the 2033 first manned mission by Elon Musk, with docudrama acting, as the crew sets down, but out of position, and with one serious injury.

The crew, however, steps out on Mars, in the sunshine, one step for mankind.

The crew also accepts the idea that it probably will not return to Earth.

The crew is also told that the members will lose 10% of their bone mass on the way.  Adjusting to 38% gravity is probably not good for the human body.  Your ideal Adonis will no longer remain so.

The second episode ("Pressure Drop") presents a crew member becoming fatally injured away from base, and having an NDE.  The team has to march him back to base.

Dec.12 finale ("Crossroads")

The crew buries two members on Mars after tragedy but at the very end find evidence of bacteria-like life on Mars.

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