Friday, November 25, 2016

"Shark Tank" supports female teen entrepreneur with a major innovation to intercept cyberbullying

ABC’s “Shark Tank” tonight presented a young woman, 16 or 17 (Trisha Prabhu), who had developed an app “ReThink” (before the damage is done).  The parent or school installs it on smart phones and laptops or on social media accounts.  The idea is to intercept cyberbullying.
The basic link is here  and here on the iTubes app store

Barbara Corcoran was very tough on all the presenters tonight (maybe she would be a very good president, and would have a good nominee for the GOP – and she predicted Trump’s victory) .  Corcoran is quick to judge people’s character (and not just Trump’s).  She thought ReThink was wonderful as a non-profit but could not make money for investors.

Trisha said she has been coding apps since she was 10. OOP is much easier to learn early in life.

Trisha said that 90% of the time, teens won't send a hurtful message if intercepted.  

Melania Trump should find this project interesting, given her pre-election speech. 

But three of the other panelists were “in”.  Mark Cuban wanted her to relent on one item and go with a major carrier for distribution. He thought ATT or Verizon would want to play ball. One of the other investors was concerned that filters have been around a long time (he seemed to be referring to the 2007 COPA trial, for which I was a litigant).  

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