Tuesday, December 13, 2016

"The Murder of JonBenet" in 1996 in Boulder, CO, special documentary on CNN

Tonight, CNN aired a one hour special, “The Murder of JonBenet”.  Here is a CNN list of “fast facts” on the case.  The documentary occurs 20 years after the original kidnapping and murder.

The show summarized what is available in much more detail on Wikipedia here.  The kidnapping was unusual in the delay until the ransom note, the amount asked, and then the discovery of the body the day after Christmas, 1996, in the Boulder CO home.  CNN covers the period when family members were considered suspects.

Wikipedia discusses the large amount of defamation litigation surrounding case, especially from the family.  In one case, a web surfer was sued merely for two comments in a discussion forum by another person whom he apparently implicated.  (Section 230 would protect the forum site itself, but there are concerns that under Trump this could get undone.)

Doctor Phil interviewed the brother Burke some time back, link.

Huffington Post has a list of safety tips to prevent child abduction, here.

The Survivalist Blog has a good post on tips for adults to follow to deal with kidnapping.  One tip is not to stand out in crowds in situations that could be targets (like at banks)

Wikipedia attribution link for winter picture of Boulder, by Eddyl, CCSA 3.0

Update: Dec 28

The brother of JonBenet, now 29, has filed a defamation suit against CBS for $750 million, nbcbnews story here

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