Thursday, January 26, 2017

ABC News Anchor David Muir Interviews Donald Trump

Wednesday night, ABC News aired a special report, “ABC News Anchor David Muir Interviews Donald Trump”, with video and transcript link here.

Trump said that he may not do his job as well if he has to act too “presidential” like Abraham Lincoln.

Trump later talked about the upcoming refugee halt, which will last several months and ban visitors from seven countries, including Syria, indefinitely. He said it will take about a month for the entire new policy to become clear.  It’s unclear, for example, how asylum seekers are affected.

He said he will set up safe zones in Syria or other places in the Middle East and protect with troops if necessary.

He defended his claims about voter fraud.  Apparently states don’t clean up their rolls when people move (discussion on Twitter today with reporters at Vox).

Trump did seemed civil with a member of the liberal establishment media and showed some of the Oval Office attractions.

One crowd size, “I won’t allow you, or other people like you, to demean the crowd” of people who have been left behind and forgotten.

They also talked about the American Carnage in Chicago.

Trump said he has been told that torture (“Extreme Rendition”) sometimes works.  He said, “they chop off heads and send the pictures all over the world.”

He did talk about getting the nuclear codes right after the oath of office.

"The world is a mess. The world is as angry as it gets."

He said we should have confiscated oil to stop ISIS from funding itself.

Trump said he told the GOP that the easiest thing to do is let Obamacare implode.  But he says he wants to do the right thing and replace it with something simpler more quicly.

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