Wednesday, January 11, 2017

CNN blitzes us with hearings, forums, farewall speeches while social media users declare "Politics Free Zones"

While Facebook friends declare “politics free zones” (and make me wonder if I shouldn’t continue to post stories about (T)Rump, CNN is blitzing us with politics.

Monday night, Chris Cuomo conducted a town hall for Bernie Sanders (65 minutes).  Sanders still wants to pay for free college education with higher taxes on Wall Street speculation.

Tuesday morning, Jeff Sessions, 70, put on his Sunday best, and tacitly admitted that times have changed since he was a young man in Alabama.  He even admitted that LGBT people are sometimes victims of hate crimes.  He said he would follow the law and the Supreme Court, but not his own opinions.  He had no quarrel now with gay marriage, but he thinks that Roe v. Wade is constitutionally wrong.

People showed up protesting the KKK.

Tuesday night, Obama gave his final speech in Chicago, and user Air Force One for the last time.  He said that freedom is not “self-executing”.  He challenged people to get out of their mindset where they will read only what they want to hear.  He argued for truth and science, almost as if Jack Andraka or Taylor Wilson had written this part of the speech.

Wednesday morning, Rex Tillerson of Exxon (and a former head of the Boy Scouts of America, before it gave up its antigay policies) testifies, again with moderate responses.  Protestors have interrupted a couple time.

At 11:00 AM (T)Rump will have his press conference.

Update: Jan 14

CNN also aired "The Legacy of Michelle Obama" on Jan. 13.

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