Monday, January 02, 2017

"Rock the Park": Jack and Colton take chances with the grizzlies, and hypothermia in Denali National Park, Alaska

The last two episodes of “Rock the Park” on Saturday mornings, with Jack Steward and Colton Smith, have sent the explorers to Denali National Park, around Mt. McKinley, in Alaska.

Even in July, with the 20 hour days, some nights are cold out in the open.  The men put food out several hundred feet away from their tents on poles to keep grizzly bears from visiting them.  Of course, that means that bears will learn to expect food from man’s visits and depend less on their own fishing and hunting skills.

In another episode, the men skinny dipped into cold streams and had to whitewater, keeping changes of clothes around to avoid hypothermia even in summer.

They also explored a moulon (ice cave) at great risk.

In 1980, I flew in a private seaplane tour that climbed up the face of McKinkley to about 9000 feet, and then retreated to a party at a “cabin in the woods” on a lake before returning to Anchorage.
Wikipedia attribution link for Ruth Glacier photo by Brian Schaller, CCSA 3.0.
Second picture is actually Tioga Pass in California (mine, May, 2012).

But, then, there is fantasy:
Gore-Tex has an adverisement article showing the "boys" from Rock the Park in Alaska here

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