Tuesday, February 07, 2017

CNN: "Debate Night: The Future of Obamacare": Sanders v. Cruz was the pitching matchip

On CNN, “Debate Night: The Future of Obamacare”  Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT) and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) square off on Obamacare and replacing or “repairing” it   The debate took place at George Washington University in Washington DC.

There is an existential question on whether health care is a “right”.

Sanders keeps insisting on single payor, “Medicare for all.”

Cruz says “Medicare for all” would be “Medicaid for all” and that Medicaid has poor outcomes for patients.

A woman with multiple sclerosis talked about having to leave Texas because it didn’t provide the Medicaid extensions for Obamacare.

Cruz talked about the waiting lists and often poor care in Britain, with socialized medicine under the National Health System.

No one, however, had a solution for the fact that younger, healthier people, often saddled with college debt, have to pay higher premiums to subsidize older people or people with pre-existing conditions.  How to solve this?  Family values?  Volunteerism?  GoFundMe?

I have suggested a reinsurance mechanism for excess claims due to pre-existing conditions.

The waiting list issue is real.  When I had a freak accident and major hip fracture in Minnesota in 1998, I got a top-flight surgeon and successful surgery immediately at the University of Minnesota, probably because my employer, ReliaStar, had excellent “cherry picked” health insurance.  With weaker insurance, I might have lay in traction for surgery much longer.

Cruz did a thought experiment, in which he speculated that expropriation of the top tech companies in the US would pay for only one year of Sanders’s Medicare for all.

Vox disputes Cruz's claim that Canadians come to the US to get around waiting lists for health care.

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